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Getting Around Adams Morgan

Adams Morgan is a vibrant neighborhood that is located in central Washington D.C. It is not surprising that there is such a diverse community at the heart of the nation's capital. Adams Morgan is well known for its lively nightlife and fine international cuisine in bars, nightclubs, and restaurants. A mix of immigrants from all over the world gives this place a unique atmosphere that attracts plenty of locals and visitors alike. Additionally, this eclectic neighborhood is within walking distance from the Smithsonian National Zoological Park. Getting to and around Adams Morgan is fairly easy by various forms of transportation.

Washington D.C. is not your typical crowded metropolis that is lined high risers and skyscrapers. With that in mind, Adams Morgan is a spacious neighborhood where traffic is not a major issue. The most popular form of transportation in Adams Morgan is by car. Some major roads passing through this neighborhood include Connecticut Avenue, Columbia Road, Euclid Street and Florida Avenue. Most of the streets mostly have grid layouts, which make it easy to navigate by car. However, some of the traffic circles (e.g. Dupont Circle) and odd triangular intersections could cause some trouble for non-local drivers. Overall, the main roads are wide and feature multiple lanes going each way.

Adams Morgan is also served by a solid public transportation system, courtesy of the Washington Metro. Although there aren't any train stations in the actual neighborhood, there are two stations nearby. Located near the intersection of Woodley Road and Connecticut Avenue right across the zoo, the Woodley Park–Zoo/Adams Morgan has metro service along the red line. This line runs from Shady Grove to Glenmont and stops at major locations such as Dupont Circle and Union Station.

Located at the corner of 14th Street and Irving Street, Columbia Heights station is served by the Green Line and Yellow Line. The Green line runs between Greenbelt and Branch Avenue and stops at other destinations such as L'Enfant Plaza. Passengers should keep in mind that Yellow Line service is available only at off peak hours.

The DC Circulator buses provide service from Adams Morgan to both metro stations. These buses only stop along Columbia Road and Calvert Street. DC Circulator, part of the Washington Metrobus system, also provide bus transportation throughout other major regions of Washington D.C.

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